Cruise to Catalina!

The AYC Cruising Fleet is on its way to Catalina Island.  Cruising Captain Joe Motil is planning several trips between now and fall. These are three-day cruises from Long Beach to Isthmus Harbor at Two Harbors, Catalina Island, CA.

Want to join in?  There are lots of ways. Your own boat. Charter boats. Other People’s Boats (OPBs).

Have a boat in CA?  Join us from your slip in San Pedro, San Diego, etc.  Or drive your seaworthy trailered boat over for the flotilla. OR…if you have the necessary “charter credentials,” charter your own boat from one of the many charter shops you can find from San Diego to Newport Beach to Marina del Rey and even Santa Barbara. 

Cruise with Joe in 2022

Don’t have a boat?  Can’t charter a boat yet? Need crew or have room for crew on your own boat?  We can match you with other AYC Cruisers that want to come along for the fun. 

Some of you may wonder, “What’s it cost to charter?” No more, and maybe much less than any other CA vacation. But you get an island too.

With proper certifications and a sailing resume, you can charter a +/- 35ft monohull for around $1500 to $2000 for three days. Add $200-$300 for provisions, etc., and then split it between two couples and you’re looking at less than $400 per day per cabin. Not bad for room, board AND entertainment.

Also, if you want to charter, remember that “charter credentials” are critical. Most charter companies require certification at US Sailing/ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising level PLUS a sailing resume of 20+ days on similar vessels.  For more information about certification requirements and options check the information HERE on the AYC website, or reach out to our Cruising Fleet Captain.

We are looking forward to our next Cruising Fleet event of the season.  If you can’t join this time, keep a weather eye out for the upcoming Cruising Survey or if you are interested contact Cruising Captain Joe Motil to be part of planning the next event.

Long Beach to Two Harbors Waypoints