Halloween Spook-tacular Nighttime Sail & Fun Run

Eight (8) boats took to the water last Saturday (Oct-29) for the Halloween Spook-tacular Nighttime Fun Run at Tempe Town Lake. Winds were light, but pleasant; and there was a palpable spooky Halloween vibe thanks to many GREAT costumes, and an old Buccaneer 18 decorated to the nines as a pirate ship.

The Best Boat prize went to Matt and Andi Baker – that Bucc with the pirate flag and skeleton looked remarkable! Jack Arroues – dressed as Tony Soprano, complete with bathrobe, Jersey accent, cigar, and music playing on his boat – took the Best Costume prize. And the crew of Liv Stanley and Gillian Cate won the best poker hand with 3-Queens! Prize winners each took home a big bag of Halloween candy!

Many thanks to those who helped make it a fun evening:

  • Sadie Hoberman, Sean Kenealy, and Olivia Jackman for suggesting the idea, and to Sadie and Sean for their help organizing the event.
  • Nat Tricorico for being our Powerboat Operator.
  • Robin Naylor for preparing candy-bags, and for her help, along with Joanne Aspinall, in judging costumes and boats.
  • Bailey Dubs and Sean Kenealy aboard the ASU Martin 16, and Emily Broach and Sadie Hoberman ashore, for helping with poker card distribution.