New Year’s Day “Fun Race” at TTL

2023 3rd Annual TTL 2 Bridge Fiasco on New Year’s Day

By David Newland

You pick which bridge to round first. You pick either a port or starboard piling rounding. Then, you head to the other bridge and do the same, and finish in the Tempe Town Lake Marina. It’s that simple, or is it? I’m not sure, but it’s a hoot.

This event was created a few years ago to play off of San Francisco’s very popular Bridge Fiasco. Well, we obviously don’t have glorious bay bridges or a Golden Gate Bridge, but we do have bridges that help Mill Ave and Scottsdale Rd traffic navigate over our puddle! Start time is scheduled for 2:00 with a mandatory skippers meeting at 1:15, New Year’s Day, at the Tempe Town Lake Marina grassy knoll. We’ll discuss the very simple rules and course. All boats are welcome, just know that you need to navigate under a few bridges if you’re looking to be awarded with the prize.

In fact, this event is so loose, there’s no sign up or fee. Just show up ready for a fun day on the water.

The basics:

  • At 1:58:00pm, boats begin a sharks and minnows game in the starting box, a box that has imaginary lines that run from the TTL Marina East/West entrance sides, across the lake to the beginning and ending letters in the Mountain Fitness sign on the south shore building. I know, hokey. But it works, trust me.
  • At 2:00:00, boats may then point their bows either east or west, depending on which bridge they’d like to round first. Any boat that is called out by 3 sailors doing this before 2:00:00 gets to do a 720. Sailors may choose either a port or starboard rounding at any bridge piling, then go to the other bridge and do the same. For the finish, sailors will enter the TTL Marina and cross an imaginary line from the flag pole to the west side of the marina entrance wall. No handicap nonsense. The first boat to the finish gets a prize!

Intrigued? I hope so. It’s a fun day on the water. Remember, this is NOT an AYC sponsored event so we do not have any R/C or safety boats on the water. We are responsible for ourselves and to help our fellow sailors if in need.

Please click here to send me an email if interested: David Newland. You can read about last year’s Complete Fiasco here: TTL2BF.

DISCLAIMER: this is NOT an AYC sponsored event. Information about this event is shared with our members and readers because it’s of general interest to sailing enthusiasts. All participants sail at their own risk. AYC assumes no responsibility or liability.