Club Racing Champion

AYC Club Championship Trophy

Dr. Bob Beers deeded the Punch Bowl trophy to AYC on June 13, 1968. This large silver Punch Bowl is the AYC perpetual trophy awarded in the spring. Each fleet sends its champion, who must be an AYC member and have competed in at least two-thirds of the Fall/Spring Series races.
The current AYC champion has the right to defend their title. The sail-off is held after the end of the Spring Race Series, and the trophy is presented at the Commodore’s Celebration.

LIST OF WINNERS (click to view)
YearWinner’s FleetChampionChamp Race Crew
2023SunfishJen MoffittJoel Hurley
2022SunfishJen LeeJoel Hurley
2021Santana 20Martin LorchCedric Lorch
2020Not AwardedCOVID
2019Laser/Santana 20Joel HurleyN/A
2018ThistleScott RichardsSharon Richards
2017PHRF Sport BoatMike HesterJohn Mayall
2016LaserPaul MiachikaRob Gibbs
2015C14.2Dave HaggartStacey Haggart
2014Santana 20Martin LorchKyle Clark
2013Santana 20Martin LorchCedric Lorch
2012ThistleTrey HarlowDave Willis
2011Catalina 22Martin LorchGeorge Tingom
2010PHRF SpinRick JohnsonDoug McMillan
2009Catalina 22Martin LorchGeorge Tingom
2008C14.2Mike HesterJohn Mayall
2007C14.2Mike HesterJohn Mayall
2006ThistleBen DoaneStacy Doane, Rod Kennan
2005C14.2Dennis MartinelliMike Hester
2004ThistleSkip KempffJim Moyer
2003ThistleSkip KempffBill Balough
2002ThistleSkip KempffChristy Kempff
2001ThistleSkip KempffSingle-handed on Laser
2000ThistleSkip KempffJack Haskell
1999ThistleSkip KempffChristy Kempff
1998ThistleSkip KempffMac Kempff
1997PHRFAI Lehman, Jr.Darrell Carapetyan
1996PHRFAl Lehman, Jr.McMillan, Johnson
1995PHRFAI Lehman, Jr.Willie Nowak
1994PHRFAl Lehman, Jr.Willie Nowak
1993PHRFAI Lehman, Jr.Rick Johnson
1992PHRFAl Lehman, Jr.N/A
1991PHRFAI Lehman, Jr.N/A
1990PHRFMartin LorchSingle-handed on Laser
1989ThistleDan SchottTeresa Reller
1988PHRFMartin LorchRobert Wyatt
1987PHRFJerry BooherCarol Newman
1986ThistleCraig LeeMary Lee
1985PHRFDon HubeleAI Lehman, Jr.
1984PHRFDon HubeleAl Lehman, Jr.
1983PHRFDon HubeleAI Lehman, Jr.
1982M-16Steve GrotheDoug Loup
1981PHRFGil WallaceMartin Lorch
1980PHRFDon HubeleRalph Hubele
1979LaserDon HubeleFaye Hubele
1978M-16John ChapmanN/A
1977Lido 14Ed MechMark Mech
1976LaserDon HubeleN/A
1975LaserDon HubeleJohn Schall
1974M-16Don HubeleN/A
1973M-16Don HubeleJohn Chapman
1972ThistleBob LewryCarl Bloom
1971M-16Don HubeleRalph Hubele
1970Lido 14Charles McCoyBob Koon
1969ThistleJoe RoweCarl Jacobson
1968InterlakeBob BeersSteve Preuss
1967InterlakeBob BeersSteve Preuss
1967Lido 14Chuck GlynnCharles McCoy