Help with Sailing Classes and Equipment

ASF Volunteer Opportunities

The Arizona Sailing Foundation (ASF) – a local, non-profit sailing school, needs volunteers and assistance with adult and junior sailing programs. If interested, please contact ASF at

Volunteers are needed in these roles:

  • Instructors: provide both classroom and on-the-water instruction to sailing students. Must have a current US Sailing Level 1 Small Boat Instructor certificate (ASF can help with additional required certifications such as CPR and First Aid, SafeSport, etc.).
  • Coaches: directly work with students under the direction of an Instructor to reinforce classroom lessons. Coaches ride along in student crewed C-14.2s and may also assist from the ASF pontoon boat.
  • Assistants: help with duties at the direction of Instructors and Coaches, including towing sailboats up and down the boat ramp, launching/retrieving student sailboats at the dock, and general student engagement, assistance, and well-being.
  • Coordination / Administration: assist Instructors in organizing, coordinating, and communicating classes. Assist as needed aboard the ASF pontoon boat, including photographing student sailing activities for updates on the AYC website.
  • Equipment & Boatyard Support: assist with maintenance and repairs to student boats and trailers, and with overall boatyard organization and activities.
  • Board of Directors: The board is typically made up of AYC members. See the current ASF Board members here.

Do you like boats and teaching others to sail? Matt would love to hear from you!

ASF students learn to sail on a C14.2
Photo: Mike Ferring