Good Luck to Bryan Dunham

For those of you who may not know, Bryan Dunham is being deployed overseas and is no longer able to serve as our Vice Commodore.  This was a letter he sent to the club:

Dear AZYC,

It is with deep and heartfelt regret that I must submit my resignation as Vice Commodore. As many of you know, I am deploying again with our U.S. armed forces in support of our various causes worldwide. Unfortunately the requisite preparations began much earlier and are requiring more of my personal time than I anticipated. Due to this I have been unable to attend to the duties of the Vice Commodore in a timely manner. I bear full responsibility for the neglect of my duties and apologize for my performance. You all deserve an officer who can dedicate his or her full attention to the duties and responsibilities of the position. The success of the Yacht Club has always been dependent on the dedication and enthusiasm of volunteer members and I encourage all of you to step up and do what you can. I hope that you can all understand that I have precious little time left before my departure and wish to spend what little I have left with my immediate family.

Sincerely ,

Bryan Dunham

I’m sure we all wish Bryan well as he sacrifices to defend our country.  We thank him and his family for their contributions.

That having been said, there are now 3 open board positions: Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, and Cruising Captain.  There is no rule that says if you take on one of these positions, you must do the “5 year slog” that has burdened past commodores.  I encourage everyone to do what they can and serve their club in the way they find best for them.  Personally, Tuesday nights are tough for my family, so I haven’t taken a board position, instead I volunteered to take up the website and run the Ship’s Store.  Whatever you do, be sure you give back to your club!

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