Tempe Town Lake Official Opening – Tues 26 October

Finally we got the official word from the City that TTL will be officially re-opened @ 5:00 am on the 26th of Oct.  Here was the official announcement:

Hi All,

Thank you for your patience as we work to get Tempe Town Lake back to normal and boat-able (new word!) once again. The date for the opening of the lake to recreational boating and fishing has been set for Tuesday, October 26 at 5:00am. There will be a function at the marina with the Mayor, City Council and hopefully representatives from the many diverse groups within our Boating Community. The function is from 5am to 9am and we are hoping for a lot of press coverage. If you are coming to the ceremony and want your group to be recognized please send Kris Baxter a note at: kris_baxter@tempe.gov

I wanted to also touch base on some safety points and some logistics before we begin boating:

Programmed Use Forms: Be sure that these are in to me before your club/organization begins its boating program. If you have already submitted them, which many have, thank you.

Lights: Now is a good time to check your lights to be sure they are working, as today the sunrise is at 6:35am and sunset is at 5:51pm. Most of our boaters will be starting or finishing their sessions in darkness. The light policy is as follows:

A red or red/green light on the bow of the boat and a clear white light on the stern that can be reached by someone in the boat and waved in case of danger. On Tempe Town Lake it is permissible to use a red light on the bow, but a red/green light is preferred. It is important to note the lights need to have a minimum 180 degree visibility and are to be attached to the boat and not to occupants of the boat.

Traffic Pattern: As we all know the traffic pattern on the lake is counter clock wise. We are expecting a lot of boats out in those first few weeks, please stick to the traffic pattern for everyone’s safety.

Safety Boats: All clubs/programs that store boats in the safe harbor can put them back, as the ramp and safe harbor entrance are now deep enough. Please understand that this means you can put your boat in and take it to the safe harbor and park it. This is not an early green light to do any form of boating. Please also use the mooring spot you have been using in the past. Call me with any questions.

Boat Rental: We have a new vendor who will be on the lake for boat rental beginning October 30. Their name is Tempe Boat Rentals and it is operated by Boat Rentals of America. They will stage out of the docks by Tempe Beach Park. We have not had rentals on the lake in a while and we are very excited to have this company working on the lake. Their contact number is: 480-303-8903 and their web site is: boats4rent.com

Thanks all, I hope to see you at the marina next Tuesday morning (ceremony is from 5am – 9am) or at least boating on the lake.



Here is the AZCENTRAL Video Interview of Mayor Hugh Hallman on Opening Day.

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