Commodore's Corner – August 2011

Ahoy from Kenosha, WI and Buccaneer North American Championships (BNAC).  The new AYC “fiscal year” is heating up and I hope you are all enjoying some fun like we are and enjoying cooler climates during our “Heatstroke Season.” 
The AYC annual Kinnickinick Kampout is coming up this weekend, and many others are visiting locations like the High Sierra Regatta in Huntington Lake, CA, or are off to the places  like we are here on Lake Michigan for BNAC.
We’re hearing loud and clear here in Kenosha how folks in the north country squeeze all they can into those few summer months of nice weather because all too soon they will be ice boat sailing, while we get to enjoy sailing throughout the year.  Az may not be perfect, but what we have is pretty wonderful.
Likewise, the Arizona Yacht Club may not be perfect, but it doesn’t take much comparing to other clubs to know that what we have is pretty darn sweet.  In addition to our non-stop racing schedule and sailing education programs, we also have  some seriously entertaining and highly educational Monthly Membership Meetings.   Yeah, sounds pretty cool!
I hope see you at one of our many activities soon!
Emory Heisler
(From BNAC in Kenosha, WI)

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