2011 Fall Racing Season Entries

63 Boats in 11 Fleets are signed up for the AYC Fall Season (only 8 Fleets are “ACTIVE” –
 those with 5 or more boats registered):
8-LP Catalina 22
8-LP PHRF Spin
6-LP Sportboat
6-LP Thistle
5-LP PHRF Non-Spin
4-LP Green
4-LP Portsmouth
8-TTL Capri 14.2
5-TTL Buccaneer 18
5-TTL Portsmouth
4-TTL Laser
Congratulations to the NINE Sailors sailing “both ways” and registered at both LP and TTL:
-Joe Barnett (LP Portsmouth-505, TTL-Portsmouth-Megabyte)
-Steve Brown (LP Portsmouth-Bucc, Bucc)
-Tony Chapman (Sportboat, Bucc)
-Mike Ferring (Sportboat, 14.2)
-Rob Gibbs (Green, Laser)
-Bill Hutchinson (PHRF, 14.2)
-Mike Parker (LP Portsmouth-Bucc, TTL Portsmouth-Megabyte)
-Clay Poulson (LP-Portsmouth, TTL-Portsmouth in Fire Ball)
-George Tingom (Catalina 22, 14.2)

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