Commodore's Corner – December 2011 – Great Fall Season!

Ahoy AYC Friends and Family! What a great Fall Season we’ve had for the Arizona Yacht Club! Along with our standard fare of LP and TTL sailing with warm breezes and cool water we’ve had some of the best Membership Meeting programs on record thanks to the great works by Mike and Maryellen Ferring!
And if you happened to miss out on these great meetings you can get an excellent “taste” of what you’ve been missing by checking out the video Mike Ferring put together from Peter Isler’s visit (CLICK HERE). Thanks again to Mike for sharing his expert A/V and editing skills with us.
Whether you’re an AYC “Los Viejo Marinero”, a new AYC member, or just joining the fray in Start Sailing Right, we’ve had lots of fun for everyone to enjoy this Fall.
Next up???? Buccaneer Gift Exchange 12/13/2011! And then on into the New Year!
December’s membership meeting brings the annual AYC gift exchange, a gift exchange with a twist. You might say twisted, even. The meeting is at 7 pm, Tuesday, December 13, at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe.
Here’s how the gift exchange works:

  • You bring a wrapped gift valued at less than $20.
  • You pick a number from a hat to determine the order we select gifts.
  • We’ll have two people called to the front of the room at the same time.
  • Each person can choose to pick a wrapped gift from the pile or play pirate and take the gift from someone who’s already opened one.
  • Gifts can be “pirated” only twice before they’re safe from further theft.

Consider giving AYC goodies as Christmas gifts. The Ship’s Store will be open at the meeting. Other gift suggestions: Liquor always seems to bring applause!
Have a great Holiday Season! I hope to see you at the General Membership meeting next week, and at the re-scheduled Governor’s Cup, otherwise I’ll “see” you in Compass Points next year!
Emory Heisler
AYC Commodore

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