2012 Birthday Regatta Raises $25,000 for Leukemia

Where does one start about this year’s AYC Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup?
Oh, wait, that’s easy…
THANK YOU JOE AND KATHERINE MOTIL! WOW! What a fabulous Regatta!!!!
…and…of course…
Thank you MOTHER NATURE for fabulous weather!
Thank you ANDREA & DOC CAROE our Race Management Team (PRO)!
Thank you VOLUNTEERS on Race Committee!
Thank you VOLUNTEERS on Shore for keeping everything running so smoothly!
Thank you DAVE CHRISTENSEN and WENDY LARSEN for scoring and shore support!
Thank you FUND RAISERS for raising over $25,000 (and still counting!) to CURE BLOOD CANCERS!
Thank you LEUKEMIA LYMPHOMA SOCIETY for such a great mission for us to join in!
Thank you ULLMAN SAILS for sponsoring the FRIDAY CHALLEGE!
…and last but not least…
Thank you SAILORS for coming from near and far to create and enjoy our wonderful “Desert Vibe”!
Thank you ARIZONA YACHT CLUB for hosting such a great Regatta…AGAIN! Few things are perfect, but by most accounts, including the Viper Fleet on the first stop of their West Coast Series, the 2012 Arizona Yacht Club Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup was pretty darn close.
Here’s what “Vipper” visitor Jim Sears had to say…”Arizona Yacht Club’s Birthday Regatta is like the “Cochella” of sailing… There’s a festival-type of vibe with everyone staying on houseboats or camping in RVs right next to the lake. When not racing, most sailors can be seen “campfire hopping”, hanging out at the yacht club tent, or watching NFL playoffs at the marina bar.  And, with cell signal a bit weak, it was definitely a weekend “off the grid”.  If I could freeze time to a single weekend, this might be one of them.  Great racing at a fun venue with a bunch of crazy Viper sailors…”

Take a look for yourself… (photo’s Courtesy of Tom Erickson-Sailboat Shop)

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