Dick Strand Restores Classic Motor Yacht

AYC member Dick Strand sent us this picture (below) of his just-restored classic motor yacht, Euphrates. It’s a 1949 Matthews, a 40′ wooden motor-yacht, that just finished her ten-year restoration last year.  She is a new member of the Classic Yacht Association and is berthed in Newport Beach.  Dick invites AYC members to visit this summer.
Here’s what Dick said about her recent sea trials:
“It was an open ocean trip from Newport Beach to Long Beach for Opening Day of the Classic Yacht Association (CYA),  about three hours in each direction.  We topped off our tanks with gas before we left.  At sea we ran around 1800 to 1900 RPM producing a speed of around 9 knots, which is pretty much our maximum theoretical hull speed.  In the harbors we ran around 1000 RPM producing a speed of 5 knots which is the harbor speed limit.  For the whole day, including two 3 hour ocean runs and our parade, we burned just under forty gallons.  This is about the same amount of running that would take us to Catalina and back.  At 5 bucks per gallon at the marine gas station that comes to around 200 bucks.  So pretty reasonable for that amount of running.  But best of all Euphrates ran perfectly, felt rock solid and she has a very sea kindly motion.  Partner Brad had the helm for most of the run and did a great job.  Bob Hersh of PrimeTime Yachts kept an eye on both of us however!
“The CYA is an international organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of classic wooden motor-yachts.  The Opening Day function was held at the Long Beach Yacht Club.  The Southern California Fleet Commodore Larry Walker gave a nice welcoming speech and specifically mentioned Euphrates.  He said she looked better than the day she left the factory.  He invited me to say a few words about her restoration so I did.
“After the meeting there was a tour of members boats and then a parade around Los Alamitos Harbor by several of the wooden classics.  The current International Commodore, as well as one of the original co-founders of the CYA forty years ago, both chose to ride with us on the Euphrates.  A nice honor for us.  We received several nice comments from other classic boat owners like “stunning, ‘beautiful’ and ‘wonderful’.”

The restored 1949 motor yacht Euphrates.

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