July 2012 Compass Points

Click here to see the July Compass Points.
Summer sailing is here and in cooler places, including the annual trip to Catalina and the retreat to the pines of Kinnickinick.
Starting with this July Compass Points, members’ want ads will be posted for 90 days and then removed. We know you still want to sell that boat, so go wax it, redo the ad, take more pictures and get that thing sold.
Yes, the Heat Stroke series is hot; it’s supposed to be. In addition to the racers, there are folks showing up to Adopt-a-Boat just to sail. Hey, you new sailors come Adopt-a-Boat and join the fun on Sunday race days at Tempe Town Lake. Best way to improve your skills might be to join a race and follow the leader.
This month’s Compass Points collects the posts of the month of June, so you can print them out, frame them, laminate them, bronze them or put them in a notebook binder to remember it all.
—Decker Williams, Vice Commodore

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