September Pre-Meeting: Selecting the Right Boat

Wondering what boat’s right for you? Sort through the options: Length, build, performance, equipment, and on and on.
In September, we’ll hold a “Pre-Meeting Meeting” on “How to Select the Right Boat.”

How about a Hobie 33? We now have two club members who chose Hobie 33s.

What’s a pre-meeting? Before the regular monthly AYC meeting, we gather a dozen or so people around a table and simply talk about something they all care about. Such as how to select the right boat. We’ve asked three people to lead an informal Q&A: Mike Parker, Bill Hutchinson, and Tom Errickson, each an experienced boat buyer and seller.
The pre-meeting will start at 6 pm and will last 30 minutes. It will happen at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills Golf Course, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe. (map)
We’ll limit the audience to 10 or 12 so it can be a comfortable chat in the corner of the restaurant. Reserve your spot by emailing Mike Ferring.
We did one of these in August on the subject of Bareboat Chartering and had a great discussion, with lots of good questions. And we’ll do more. What subject would you like to talk about? Email Mike.