Friday: Meeting to Help Grow Your Club

Rob Gibbs notes that AYC has hovered around 200-240 member families for a couple decades and he’d like your help to build the club by building our sailing education programs.
He notes that people who sign up for the Adult Beginning Sailing class (formerly “Start Sailing Right”) are motivated and genuinely interested in learning how to sail. Now, he says, we need you to offer a hand—to share your sailing experience with these beginning sailors to help us grow our sport, whether your interest is racing or cruising.
If you’re interested in giving back to the sport that has given you so much enjoyment over the years, Rob invites you to his house Friday (July 12) at 6 pm for dinner and discussion. If you can make it, please email Rob at If you can’t make it but want to volunteer to go for a sail with us, he says: “Email me anyway!”