Spiffing Up the ASF Fleet

More C14s are ready for classes. Photo: George Tingom
More C14s are ready for classes. Photo: George Tingom

On Saturday (3/15/14) many helpers got the last of the refitting the better hull 14.2s into sailing class condition. We now have ten 14.2s with good sails. ASF is committed to training sailors how to sail with decent equipment and to allow the ASF/AYC adopt-a-boat program to continue.
Those who helped on Saturday:  Michael Ferverda, Peter Blake, Brian Dye, Peter and Eric Schweizer, Don Hubele, Danny Moore, Martin Lorch, Phil Freedman and my friend from Atlanta, Greg Janos.
With 10 boats, our Adult Beginning Sailing class will have room for 20 students. We don’t have the dates set now, but the first of the four Adult Beginning Sailing Classes will start near the end of September and every other Saturday for four class days. We plan to hold the cost of the class at $350 per student. I’m taking names of those would like to sign up, with any overflow going on a waiting list.
—George Tingom