Emory Heisler Honored by National Buccaneer Association

Emory Heisler, recipient of the national Buccaneer group's service award.
Emory Heisler, recipient of the national Buccaneer group’s service award.

AYC’s Emory Heisler has been chosen for a national honor for his work with the national Buccaneer 18 class. Each year the Buccaneer 18 class selects one member to be the official “Quaiche* Bearer,” recognizing outstanding effort and service to the class−and Emory is the 2014 honoree.
Bucc Commodore Jimmy Yurko says, “I’m proud to know Emory. Emory is a remarkable man with unparalleled optimism and enthusiasm. His dedication to the class and the sport of sailing are truly admirable, and the Buccaneer class is fortunate to have such a devoted sailor, leader and friend.”
Our club’s sailors nominated Emory for the award with this letter:
Fleet 79 from Arizona proudly nominates Emory Heisler for the MacAlpine Downie Gibbs Quaich in recognition of his dedication and contributions to the Buccaneer 18 Class Association.
Emory was one of the early Buccaneer 18 sailors in Arizona and helped grow Fleet 79, as well as other fleets across the country. For over a decade, Emory’s spirit and fervor for the Class, as well as his willingness to serve and help others, has been an immeasurable asset to the Class.
At the national level, Emory has been an enthusiastic ambassador of Fleet 79 for many years.  In addition to representing his local Fleet, Emory has made several contributions to the Buccaneer 18 National Class Association, including heading up the Buccaneer 18 Mid Winters in Arizona, serving as Race Chair for the 2009 Buccaneer 18 North American Championship, and serving as webmaster for the Class.
Emory has also contributed to the Class in many, less tangible ways.  With his outgoing charm and personality, he encourages sailors to join the Class and compete in Class events.   He works hard behind the scenes to selflessly find crew, boats, and/or rides for others, so they can attend and enjoy national events.  And, he does it all with a smile, making the events fun for everyone!
And the pirate version of Emory Heisler!
And the pirate version of Emory Heisler!

Emory also lends his services to his local yacht club, serving on the Arizona Yacht Club board for several years, including the in the roles of Commodore and Birthday Regatta Chair.  Emory also served as the Buccaneer 18 Fleet representative to the AYC for several years, before passing the torch to someone else.  Emory has used his positions in leadership roles as an opportunity for mentoring others, setting others up to take on additional responsibilities within the club.
Emory is the reason that many of us in Arizona, as well as others outside the state, are Buccaneers.  His zeal and generosity in helping and teaching others has helped grow the Buccaneer Class and Fleet 79.

*What’s a quaich? Noun (obsolete): A traditional, shallow, two-handled Scottish cup symbolising friendship. It was originally used to toast the arrival or departure of a visitor.