AYC and the Coronavirus

With the coronavirus overtaking our daily lives and world attention, here’s what Vice Commodore Marc Danner reports AYC is doing.
The Board will monitor the Maricopa Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to guide our events and so far has taken the following steps:

  • March AYC Happy Hour has been canceled.
  • Spring Series will continue, but without the post-race gathering put on by each fleet.
  • We’ll provide a hand wash station at Lake Pleasant.
  • Obviously, if you show symptoms of CORVID-19, do not attend events; instead seek medical advice 
  • Let your fleet captain know if you will not be attending the upcoming weekend’s event due to COVID-19 concerns.
  • We’ll continue to monitor attendance and decide whether further steps need to be taken.

We sympathize with anyone who’s dealing with this health emergency, for themselves, friends, or family. We also understand that this extends beyond health concerns. Financial, employment, school, childcare, supplies and lots of other facets of our lives are being affected.