A Big Thanks for Another Successful Adopt-a-Boat Cleanup

Volunteers spray months of dust off everything!
Feature photo: Marc Danner

Another day of excessive heat warnings did not stop about 20 new, old, and prospective members from showing up to prep, repair, and scrub some of the Adopt-a-Boats for the TTL fall racing season that starts this Sunday, September 13th.

John wishes to express his appreciation to everyone that showed up to help. In particular, he wants to thank Paul Miachika, Laser Fleet Captain; Dave Newland, Lake Captain for both TTL and Lake Pleasant; and Commodore Marc Danner for providing great organization and institutional knowledge of how these cleanups have been run in the past.

We cleaned and checked rigging and sails for about six lasers – now ready for adoption, and five of the 14.2 boats. We mothballed a few laser hulls, after stripping them for sails, rigging, and hardware. In all, it was pretty successful! It was a great time.

John Adamucci, Adopt-a-Boat Coordinator
Oh the decisions we have to make. Photo: Marc Danner

And John, we thank you for volunteering as the Adopt-a-Boat Coordinator. Our club would not exist without the willingness of member volunteers such as yourself and those that came out to help with this event; especially in that heat – you all are the best!!!

Ready to Adopt-a-Boat?
If you are Interested in securing a Laser or Catalina 14-2 for TTL racing reach out to John by email or text him at 206-437-8393.

John Adamucci