Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Ye Blunder Bucket Nominations Are Now Open

Feature Photo by George Tingom: An ASF C14 sailboat punched off its trailer by the mast-killing bar.

Due to our event cancellation in May, we missed our mid-year nominations for this coveted award. So take some time to reflect on those moments of misfortune you witnessed another member have over this past year. The ones that made you think to yourself…or maybe say out loud, “Oh my!”

The winner gets to take the big bucket home until the next nomination: dust it, marvel at its beauty and size, be constantly reminded of their mishap, and be grateful when it comes time to hand it to the next winner.

With the boards determination to pass this trophy on, we are going to try something new – virtual nominations and on line voting.

Myles Danner – 2019 Fall recipient and youngest club member to receive the award. 
Photo: Deb Heisler 

The nomination process.
In order to nominate another member you must be an eye witness of their blunder or have had them tell you about some big gaffe they made…like when Emory forgot to close the hitch latch and the fully loaded trailer jumped off allowing the mast to knock out the back window of his Explorer. Oops! (He won the BB award for this one.)

How do I submit my nomination?
Option 1 – You Video Your Nomination
Use a phone to video record yourself or enlist the help of a friend/family to capture your nomination. You will need to upload the video file to a sharing location such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. then send your video sharing link to Marc Danner.

Option 2 – We Video Your Nomination
For those of you less tech-savvy folks, let’s jump on a Zoom call where I can record you making your nomination. We’ll only need about 10 minutes and Zoom is easier than you think! Contact me, and we’ll schedule it.

Option 3 – Write Out Your Nomination
Email your nomination to our club Commodore, Marc Danner and he will record himself making the nomination on your behalf. What a great guy!

Deadline for submissions is Saturday, December 12, 2020

How do we vote for a winner?
All members (250+) will receive an email that includes a link to the video nominations and the voting ballot. Voting will open on December 14 and close the 16th.

Grab a cocktail, watch the video and submit your vote before the virtual poll closes.

The winner will be announced at our next Virtual Happy Hour on Thursday, December 17th.

To view the list of previous winners and read about some pretty big blunders click here .