DragonFlite 95 Regatta

Featured Photo: Mike Ferring

A few weeks ago I was on the phone with Al Lehman, Sr. discussing some club stuff and of course we talked sailing. Not the type of sailing you might think. Al invited Emory and me to an upcoming regatta that he was PRO for. Radio controlled sailing. Radio controlled sailing is a growing hobby and several of our members are involved in clubs across the valley and beyond. 

Al mentioned that there would be three national champions at the event and that the 12 anticipated races only take 3-4 hours. Al also built a tugboat for Mayday recoveries and added, “The big bumper is for pushing. A cleat is on back for towing. I am working on a crane with hook to catch backstays to pull disabled boats to shore. The boat is 18” long and 8” beam.”

On the Facebook site for DF95’s I came across a funny video showing a lizard stepping aboard and climbing the mast. Wildlife seems to be a bit of a problem with tiny boats. They could of used a tugboat too.

On the GMYC regatta website page, competitors were encouraged to bring lunch and a lawn chair and it mentions that all protests will be handled by the government of China. Sure appears to be a fun consociate of sailors.

Some of you might recall a 2019 post by Mike Ferring  titled: Sailing Made to Scale. His inclusion about the ducks and a turtle are my favorite part of that story. Mike shared photos and this summary of Wednesday’s event:

The wind was even shiftier and puffier than Tempe Town Lake when a bunch of radio-control sailors turned out for the first regatta of the newly-formed Gilbert Model Yacht Club Wednesday.
There were 18 sailors on the line, all controlling Dragon Flite 95 sailboats, including AYC members Al Lehman, Jr.; Dean Johnson; Dave Nowak; Steve Nahkala; and Mike Ferring. Al Lehman, Sr. ran the event.
The AYC crew did well: Al Lehman, Jr. finished first and Dean Johnson second.

The club welcomes new competitors. More information at the club’s website.
YouTube video from a typical day racing by James Egbert.

There are several other RC clubs around the valley and state. The list is here.