AYC Book Club?

Attention armchair sailors and summertime readers!

by Bob Naylor, Vice Commodore

Summer is here – and it’s already hot as blazes. AYC’s next Race Series is still months away. Most days, it’s just too hot to sail. Our boats bake away in the sun, laid-up, on-the-hard. It’s great weather for staying indoors, out of the sun … just maybe with a good book.

We already know you love sailing; but, who out there also loves a good read? Especially a good sailing book? “Moby Dick” or “Dove” anyone? How many of these titles have you read? Top Sailing Books.

Nerds and bookworms rejoice! Announcing AYC’s Summertime Book Club! (… cool people welcome too!).

If you love sailing AND reading, join like-minded club members on Thursday, June 24th, at 6PM for our first Book Club meeting. Over food and beverages, we’ll select our first “book of the month” to read before the July meeting. And we’ll ask for a volunteer to arrange the next meeting venue. So, bring a favorite book for consideration as our “book-of-the-month”. In July, we’ll meet again to discuss the book and to select our August book-of-the-month and volunteer meeting host. If there’s ongoing interest, we’ll continue meeting, dining, and reading every month, rotating volunteer hosts and meeting venues monthly. Kind of a “diners club” … with bifocals.

So, if knocking-out a couple of salty books and socializing over food and drinks with other club members sounds like fun, send me a note. Based on the number of responses received by June 18th , I’ll find a centrally located (Phoenix-area) restaurant to accommodate our initial meeting.

To sign-up for our first Book Club meeting, send me an email at: vicecommodore@arizonayachtclub.org. I look forward to seeing you there!