Small Group – Big Fun at the AYC Summer Campout

This past Friday, a brief rain created even better temps than expected for the AYC Campout at Dairy Springs. After arriving, Emory and I enjoyed the company of Steve and Angie Nahkala, and thankfully their Adopt a Chair program after realizing we left our camp chairs at home! 

After some chats and snacks with the Nahkalas and a brief nap, we were delighted to see Mike and Jo Grijalva arrive with a bottle of wine in hand. With more great company and conversation the time went quickly, and soon more AYC campers arrived, including this year’s organizer and new member, Joanne Aspinall.

Joanne and her kids, Owen and Sophie, introduced us to several new table games. Along the way, we learned that Joanne’s husband is a BOARD-gamer and they have over 200 board games to select from, several of which we played long into the evening.

Early Saturday morning, a few sailors hiked the nearby trails, and the rest of the day was spent relaxing, holding forest Bocce Ball and Corn Hole competitions, and avoiding embarrassment on the “Slack Line.” I played Corn Hole for my first time and was awarded “pity points” by Owen for having only a corner of my little red bags on the board while the majority just landed in the dirt. It was all OK because Joanne made sure each of us felt like Olympians with the AYC Gold Medals she created and awarded. We ended the day with a delicious variety of potluck foods, grillables, adult beverages, and a final course of S’mores enjoyed around the campfire. Yum!

Besides all of the fun, my favorite part was the fellowship with other members. I genuinely appreciate the off-the-water experience we shared this past weekend. The heat escape, conversing, and playing together are all memories I’ll cherish as I eagerly look forward to next year’s event. 

Many thanks to Joanne for organizing a great weekend and to each of you who attended. It sure was fun!