Black Friday Sail

Ahhh, Black Friday.  The discounts!  The sales!  The season!  The crowds! The traffic and the hustle and bustle! Maybe you really will score that big new 60-inch TV for just $200!

If Black Friday sales and shopping are your idea of a good time, then godspeed and have a ball!  But, if your rumpa-bum-bum comes from a different drummer, or if you have even an inch of Grinch in there somewhere, then perhaps a Black Friday SAIL sounds like more fun.  Our Cruising Captain, Jeff Bryant, has a sail for you!

Announcing the unofficial, not AYC supported, Black Friday Sail at Lake Pleasant.  Meet on the water anytime after 9AM to join Jeff for a cruise around the lake – Jeff can be hailed on VHF channel 68.  And here’s a Black Friday deal – it’s free! Afterward, meet-up around 5PM at the Wild Horse West biker and boater bar to warm up and grab a bite … maybe cookies and milk … or a cup of good cheer, which pairs nicely with their great burgers, hot dogs, and chili (… and remember, they’re cash only (no credit cards to max-out here)).

Get in your own holiday groove.  Sign-up and do the UNOFFICIAL Black Friday Sail – hit the button:

Contact Jeff with any questions at:
– email:
– cell: 480.243.5526

– This event is not AYC supported.
– Participants sail at their own risk. 
– Support boats will not be provided for this event.