New Year’s Day Sail – Two Bridge Fiasco

Here’s an unofficial – NOT AYC SPONSORED – sailing event for you! David Newland has loosely organized the 2nd Annual Two Bridge Fiasco – a New Year’s Day sail and fun race at TTL. This may be just the thing to help shake off any ill effects from that New Year’s Eve party, or to get that 2022 “Sail more” resolution off to solid start. Any boat can participate – Lasers, Sunfish, C-14.2s, Buccs, Fireballs, anything that floats and sails! If your old Megabyte, M-Scow, Butterfly, or other dinghy has been “aging” in the TTL boatyard for too long, here’s your chance to drag it down to the dock and go for an easy sail with lots of friendly familiar faces. Junior’s are welcome too!

The race starts at 1:30PM, Jan-1, between the TTL Marina on the north side, and Mountainside Fitness to the south. At the start, boats can sail either east or west to the nearest bridge, round at least one bridge support, then head in the opposite direction and round a bridge support at the other bridge, then finish at the entrance to the TTL Marina. Pro Tip: know your mast height before sailing! The winner takes home a surprisingly useful and generous gift (if a junior sailor wins, the award must go to their parent).

Read more about the race here: Two Bridge Fiasco. If you have questions, or need a boat (a few extra Lasers, Sunfish, or other boats may be available), contact David at:
– cell: (602)670-8994
– email:

Again, this is NOT an AYC sponsored event, which means:

  • there will be no support / safety boats available
  • all participants sail at their own risk
  • AYC / ASF adopt-a-boats cannot be used in this event
  • there is no fee or registration – show up and sail