AYC Opening Day 2022

by Lori Reger, Rear Commodore

It’s almost here! Opening Day for the new racing season begins October 1 at Lake Pleasant (LP) and September 25 at Tempe Town Lake (TTL). (reminder – please register to race if you haven’t already: register now.)

For all the sailors at LP, join us after the race for a dinner provided by the club and catered by Don Taco Catering.  We’ll also have snacks. cake, and soft drinks.  (BYOB) 

We hope that everyone will join us to celebrate Opening Day. Even if you don’t race at LP, come out to mingle with your fellow sailors. The start time for dinner will be communicated closer to the date.

TTL festivities will take place on November 6. TTL racing starts on September 25 but we are moving the party to November 6, the date when First Warning shifts to 2PM, leaving more time to party after the racing is over!  Party details will be sent out when closer to November 6. Till then, GO TTL racers.