TTL Racing – Windy for All – Wet for Some

Submission by: TTL Portsmouth Fleet
Photos: Emory Heisler

Last Sunday’s TTL racing was, shall we say, “lively!” More for some than others. The clear and sunny skies brought steady west winds of around 10kts. However, surprises were waiting. Frequent gusts into the twenties added the “lively” factor, testing everyone’s fresh breeze sailing skills and swimming skills for a few less fortunate sailors (names redacted to protect the waterlogged).

Gusty winds and numerous early capsizes kept both ASF safety boats busy, even before racing started.  After witnessing – or participating in – a few pre-race capsizes, several racers called it a day before the first horn sounded. The sailors who stayed on were rewarded with some of their fastest sailing of the season. High-speed downwind planing Sunfish battled against each other and against the dreaded “death rolls,” some successfully and others not. 

Thanks to the quick support from nearby sailors and the RC safety teams, our swimming sailors and their boats were all quickly righted and back underway, wet but otherwise no worse for wear. 

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Julian Miranda created this sailboat watercolor.

As always, there’s more to TTL racing than just racing.  ASF students, young and old, and various spectators enjoyed the excitement and sunny weather. And while the sailors battled the wind, artist Julian Miranda practiced his craft on the grassy knoll. 

Post racing, and after drying out their gear and stowing their vessels, all had a good laugh with stories of the day shared over libations at 100 Mile Brewery around the corner from TTL.

Many thanks to the Portsmouth Fleet and ASU sailors that helped run the races.  It was a busy afternoon for the RC team ashore and on the water, and they helped make it a SAFE and exciting day.

Join us for the next installment of TTL racing. The first horn will be 3pm, Sunday, April 2, 2023, with the Sunfish Fleet on Race Committee.