AYC Sportsmanship Award

This award was established in 2021 and replaces the previous US Sailing Sportsmanship Award. This new award aims to recognize sportsmanship in sailboat racing rather than volunteer contributions. We created a volunteer award for that recognition.

The recipients of the Sportsmanship Award are peer-nominated because they spend time together on the racecourse. Your nomination could be for an individual or a team who demonstrated a single extraordinary example of sportsmanship during an event throughout the year, or it can be based on years of continuous sportsman-like conduct.  We enjoy competing against and hanging out with these people after the race.

Submissions are reviewed, and the final selection is made by the AYC Board. This award will be considered annually and awarded at the Commodore’s Celebration.

Sportsmanship Award Nomination Information page.

Recipients of the AYC Sportsmanship Award (click to view)

2023 –
2022 – Not awarded