Cruising the Sea of Cortez

At the August 11, 2020 meeting, Jim and Teresa provided us with loads of information to use in the planning of a trip to the Sea of Cortez. It is evident they spent a good deal of time in preparation for the meeting and making these resources available for our use afterward. We are extremely grateful to have the depth of their knowledge for future use in planning our own journey to this area.
Due to a bandwidth issue, the live Zoom recording is not available. However, the Pinters took the time to create a video of their slides with voiceovers. They also shared their PowerPoint notes pages with us and an extensive Resource document they created.
Video Part 1 – Cruising a Desert Sea (30 min-Slides with voice)
Video Part 2 – Cruising a Desert Sea: Extras (21 min-Slides with voice)
Transcript Part 1 – PowerPoint slides & note pages. (PDF)
Transctipt Part 2 – PowerPoint slides & note pages. (PDF)
Resource document for Cruising the Sea of Cortez. (PDF)

The Pinters have been exploring the Sea of Cortez aboard their various sailboats since joining the AYC in the late 1980’s.  Teresa, an archeologist, and Jim, a research biologist, are now both retired.  They spend part of each year living and cruising aboard their cutter rigged, Caliber 35LR. Each December usually finds them launching and provisioning their boat Pochteca in Marina San Carlos, near Guaymas, Sonora for a long season of gunkholing up and down the nearby coast and crossing to the Baja Peninsula.