So You Want to Go Cruising?

That’s fabulous! With the fresh breeze on your face as you enjoy coastal, inland lake, or “blue water” sailing, an amazing adventure awaits that teaches you something new every time you go.

Imagine the sight of masts in a marina and boats there just waiting to have fun. All they need is you. In order to decide if cruising is something you’d enjoy, consider the following questions:

First, how are you with seasickness? This may not be a big factor for you; many people manage this with over-the-counter meds. The reason this question gets asked is that boats can toss you around quite a bit, even with mild to moderate wind and sea conditions. 

Second, how would you describe your “personal space” needs? Cruising will often put you in close proximity to others because of the tight quarters on boats. You may be sleeping aboard, so it will be like sharing an RV with them. What are your privacy needs?

If you answer these questions with “I’m good with it!”, then you are probably going to enjoy cruising very much.

Skill levels are another consideration. In most cruising activities, people of different skill levels are involved, from trusted and highly skilled skippers to people who have never even been on a boat. Patience with various levels of learners may often be needed. Where the crew lands on that spectrum may vary every time you go out. But over time, you’ll become much more knowledgeable about what it takes for you and others to have a great time.

Costs may also be a factor and vary according to how you cruise. Some sailors prefer bare-bone, bareboat charters to economize, while others prefer luxury. And you can find the middle ground very satisfying with a well-prepared vessel and meal planning choices that fit your personal preferences.

Also, think of cruising as a vacation on water AND LAND.  Going ashore at a destination port can introduce you to new people, nature, and cultural and culinary experiences.

If this all sounds like a lot of fun to you, then get yourself ready to have an adventure!

Have questions about cruising? You can always reach AYC’s Cruising Captain Joe Motil at