February AYC Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Call to order 2/1/2011, 7:13pm, Emory Heisler’s Home
 Attendees: Motil, Heisler, Harlow, Chapman, Pillote, Parker and Guests (see list at end)
 1.       Secretary (Heisler substitute)

  • January minutes updated to reflect May 14, 2011 as Commodore’s Ball.  Approved by Pillote motion, Harlow 2nd, unanimous.

2.       Treasurer Report (Chapman)

  • Awaiting final Birthday Regatta expenses for next report.

3.       Membership (Pillote, Sahali)

  • Bernie Armstrong nominated. Approved by Heisler motion, Motil 2nd, unanimous.

4.       Cruising Captain (vacant – Parker substitute)

  • Tall Cactus preparations – planning for 40 dinners
  •  Details to be posted to web in FebMarch

5.       Fleet Captain (Harlow)

  • Fall Series Trophies will be presented at March Membership meeting
  • Birthday regatta 1st place trophies to be created – assigned to Heisler
  • 3/27/2011 TTL to be cancelled for Dragon Boat Race – Heisler will post to web

6.       Jr. Staff Commodore (Jackson)

  •  No items

7.       Sr. Staff Commodore (Parker)

  •  No items

8.       Rear Commodore (vacant – Motil substitute)

  • GM Meeting topics discussion
  • Commodores Ball set for Chart House – McCormick Ranch 

9.       Vice Commodore (Heisler)

  • Compass Points near ready for February 

10.   Commodore (Motil)

  • No additional items
  • Next Meeting Locations:March 1, Lucille’s Tempe Marketplace, April 5, Jackson’s, May 3, Pete’s (Ballot Count), May 14, Chart House, June 7Heisler’s

11.   Other

  • After adjournment an open discussion was held with guests about AYC current issues (i.e. open board seats, declining membership) and ideas for improvement (improved communications, non-racing activities).  Participants: AYC BoD attendees, Guests: Tom Ohlin-Former Commodore, Dennis Lynde-Former Commodore, ASF: John Mayal, Greg Dean, Lisa Lake, Leo Baumann, Natalie Harper, George Tingom.

Meeting Adjourned 7:56pm
Submitted: March 1, 2011,  Emory Heisler – Vice Commodore for Vacant Secretary position

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