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Notice: 2011-2012 AYC Board Nominees

In accordance with Arizona Yacht Club Bylaws the following candidates have been nominated for the positions noted.

  • Sr. Staff Commodore – Greg Jackson
  • Jr. Staff Commodore – Joe Motil
  • Commodore – Emory Heisler
  • Vice Commodore – Philip Freedman
  • Rear Commodore – Mike Ferring
  • Fleet Captain – Trey Harlow
  • Cruising Captain – Mike Parker
  • Membership Director (1 year) – Roger Butterwick
  • Membership Director (2 year) – Brenda Shears
  • Treasurer – Tony Chapman
  • Secretary – Cindy Pillote

Between April 1 and April 15, 2011 Election Ballots shall be sent to all members of record as of 4/1/2011. Ballots must be received by mail by May 09, 2011 (mail to Joe Motil, 1404 E. McNair Dr., Tempe, AZ 85283), or delivered by hand prior to 6pm May 10, 2011 at the May General Membership Meeting where Ballot Counting shall occur at 6pm on May 10, 2011 at 19th Tee Restaurant, Rolling Hills Golf Course- 1415 N. Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85281.

Commodore’s Corner

My year as Commodore is nearing its end and that can only mean IT’S TIME FOR THE COMMODORE’S BALL!

The Commodore’s Ball will be held “lake side” on May 14, 2011 at the Chart House Restaurant in Scottsdale on McCormick Lake. We have a very nice lineup of exciting evening events scheduled, I hope you can join us for the annual celebration of the Arizona Yacht Club

6pm-7pm Social Hour
7pm-9pm Dinner and Program
9pm-????  Celebrate!!!

Registration is available online and additional details will be mailed out in with the 2011-2012 Board of Director Ballots.  To register CLICK HERE.

Speaking of elections, I want to thank all our volunteers that have stepped up to fill in all the seats for the 2011-2012 AYC Board. I’m looking forward to working with Emory and the new team from the Jr. Staff “chair.”

Enjoy the rest of spring! Hope to see you on the water!


Notice: 2011-12 Officers Nominating Meeting

The Arizona Yacht Club Board of Directors Election Nominating Meeting will be held March 8, 2011 at 6pm immediately prior to the March General Membership meeting.

Eligible members interested in volunteering to run for election to AYC Board of Directors positions, or that would like to nominate eligible AYC members should see their ACTIVE Fleet Captain, Cruising Captain (acting) Mike Parker or Commodore Joe Motil to participate in the Nominating Committee or to submit nominations.

The ELECTION OF OFFICERS and NOMINATING committee and process are defined by the AYC Bylaws as follows:

9.1.2 Election of Officers. The following Club Officers shall be elected annually by the Membership for one (1) year terms: Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain, and Cruising Captain. Each year the following Club Officers shall be elected by the Membership for two (2) year terms: Membership Director, Junior Staff Commodore (who shall become Senior Staff Commodore in the second year of his tenure).

12.1.2 NOMINATING: All members of the Nominating Committee must be Voting Members of the Club. The Fleet Captain of each active fleet shall notify the Commodore of the Fleet’s representative. The Cruising Captain shall select one (1) member from the ranks of the predominately Cruising Voting Membership and the Commodore shall select two (2) members-at-large representatives from the ranks of the non-racing Voting Members of the Club. Such selections by the Active Racing Fleets, Cruising Captain and Commodore shall not be subject to approval or challenge by any other entity or person. For the purposes of this Article, an “Active Racing Fleet” shall mean a racing fleet which qualified for a separate start and has at least four (4) Voting Members registered to race, in the last completed Fall or Spring Series of the Club’s racing calendar just prior to the Nominating Committee’s first meeting. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall be the Commodore of the Club who shall have no vote on the Nominating Committee. No other Officers or Board Members may be on the Nominating Committee. There shall be no requirement for the Nominating Committee to nominate any incumbent Officer or Member of the Board of Directors to any Office or Board of Director Membership. The Nominating Committee shall procure approval of each of its nominations from the person being nominated prior to conclusion of its duties for the year. The Nominating Committee may nominate more than one  (1) candidate for each position open. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Commodore shall automatically be nominated for the position of Junior Staff Commodore.

February AYC Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Call to order 2/1/2011, 7:13pm, Emory Heisler’s Home

 Attendees: Motil, Heisler, Harlow, Chapman, Pillote, Parker and Guests (see list at end)

 1.       Secretary (Heisler substitute)

  • January minutes updated to reflect May 14, 2011 as Commodore’s Ball.  Approved by Pillote motion, Harlow 2nd, unanimous.

2.       Treasurer Report (Chapman)

  • Awaiting final Birthday Regatta expenses for next report.

3.       Membership (Pillote, Sahali)

  • Bernie Armstrong nominated. Approved by Heisler motion, Motil 2nd, unanimous.

4.       Cruising Captain (vacant – Parker substitute)

  • Tall Cactus preparations – planning for 40 dinners
  •  Details to be posted to web in FebMarch

5.       Fleet Captain (Harlow)

  • Fall Series Trophies will be presented at March Membership meeting
  • Birthday regatta 1st place trophies to be created – assigned to Heisler
  • 3/27/2011 TTL to be cancelled for Dragon Boat Race – Heisler will post to web

6.       Jr. Staff Commodore (Jackson)

  •  No items

7.       Sr. Staff Commodore (Parker)

  •  No items

8.       Rear Commodore (vacant – Motil substitute)

  • GM Meeting topics discussion
  • Commodores Ball set for Chart House – McCormick Ranch 

9.       Vice Commodore (Heisler)

  • Compass Points near ready for February 

10.   Commodore (Motil)

  • No additional items
  • Next Meeting Locations:March 1, Lucille’s Tempe Marketplace, April 5, Jackson’s, May 3, Pete’s (Ballot Count), May 14, Chart House, June 7Heisler’s

11.   Other

  • After adjournment an open discussion was held with guests about AYC current issues (i.e. open board seats, declining membership) and ideas for improvement (improved communications, non-racing activities).  Participants: AYC BoD attendees, Guests: Tom Ohlin-Former Commodore, Dennis Lynde-Former Commodore, ASF: John Mayal, Greg Dean, Lisa Lake, Leo Baumann, Natalie Harper, George Tingom.

Meeting Adjourned 7:56pm

Submitted: March 1, 2011,  Emory Heisler – Vice Commodore for Vacant Secretary position

January 2011 Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting Call to order 7:02, Joe Motil’s Home

Attendees:  Motil-Commodore, Heisler-Vice Commodore, Harlow-Fleet Captain, Pillote-Membership, Jackson-Jr. Staff, Parker-Sr. Staff

Absent: Chapman-Treasurer, Sahali-Membership, Rear Commodore-VACANT, Cruising Captain-VACANT, Secretary-VACANT

Secretary (Heisler-substitute)
– December minutes provided by C. Pillote.  Approved by Heisler motion, Parker 2nd, unanimous.

Treasurer Report (Chapman)
– Absent. No report.

Membership (Pillote, Sahali)
– Bob Hastings, John Healy nominated. Approved by Heisler motion, Jackson 2nd, unanimous.

Cruising Captain (vacant – Parker substitute)
– Preparations underway for Tall Cactus, Catalina in July

Fleet Captain (Harlow)
– Birthday Regatta ready
– LP Maricopa County Fees remaining within budget.

Jr. Staff Commodore (Jackson)
– Birthday Regatta ready.  Reviewed volunteer schedules.

Sr. Staff Commodore (Parker)
– No items

Rear Commodore (VACANT-Motil substitute)
– More GM meeting ideas needed
– Commodores Ball set for Chart House – McCormick Ranch

 Vice Commodore (Heisler)
– 2011-2012 Board Planning Meeting ideas discussed.  2/1/2011 meeting will include invited guests of ASF Board, Candidates for 2011-12 AYC Board, Former Commodores for planning.

Commodore (Motil)
– No additional items

– Next Meeting Locations: Feb 1-Heisler’s, March 1-Lucille’s Tempe Marketplace, April 5-Greg Jackson’s, May 3-Pete’s (Ballot Count), May 14-Chart House, June 7-Heisler’s

Meeting Adjourned 8:33pm
Submitted: February 1, 2011,  Emory Heisler – Vice Commodore / Acting Secretary