Eight Bells – Farewell Frank Bigelow

Frank was one of our few AYC “Honorary Life Members”, an AYC member since 1959, AYC Commodore 1989-90, the man who was “Mr. AYC” to many of the club’s long time members.  He passed away with his family at his bedside this past Wednesday March 30, 2011 due to complications from pneumonia.
CELEBRATION OF LIFE: Mary Lou Bigelow, Frank’s wife, has invited AYC friends to attend a Celebration of Frank’s life from 1:00pm to 4:00 pm, Saturday April 9 at their home in Tempe. 1976 E Divot Drive, Tempe, AZ 85283. Email Patty Rosky (pattyrosky@msn.com) if you plan to come she will keep Mary Lou informed about how many to expect.
Tom Ohlin, also an Honorary Life Member, recalls Frank for us……”Frank’s dedication to the AYC over the last 50 years has been immeasurable. He was a friend and teacher to all that knew him. His Saturday night socials at his camper at the old Lake Pleasant ramp 2 were legendary.
Each Saturday night after much discussion of the day’s races, and the arrival of darkness, we would break out the dice cup and a pen light to pursue the game of Liar’s Dice; in the darkness (the guards thought we were crazy). Quite often on slow/large games Frank would take a cat nap between turns. One such night when the cup got around to Frank, he was abruptly woken and given the dice cup and pen light, which he immediately grabbed and began stirring his drink with it!
Another time, I was discussing with Frank the problems I had had sailing a sabot off the Rocky Point beaches. We always started into the wind (east or west) and by the time we were ready to head back to camp, the wind would reverse and we would have to beat back. Frank’s solution to the problem; “sail downwind first, you might get two downwind legs”.
Frank has received about every honor the AYC can bestow, and we still owe him more.
Frank; may you sail into a red sunset with the wind at your back.
Memorial Information will be posted when available.