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Tall Cactus Regatta – April 28, 2012

The Tall Cactus Regatta will be run this coming Super Sunny Saturday with high temps around 90 degrees with the rum punch hovering around 40 degrees.

This will be a sprint course compared to the marathons the last few years. The idea is to sail the course hard, then drop the hook—or tie up on someone and enjoy the great weather and a wee bit of competition onshore between fleets, Clubs, and/or individual boats.  Some random prizes will be awarded for the victors.

This is no Hunger Games.  Pull up a chair and feast on steak, chicken, salmon patties, salads, corn on the cob, beans, deserts, and cold drinks, but only if you’ve ordered in advance or if we happen to have some leftovers.



Montgomery  17                       11:00:00

Sunfish                                      11:02:00

Catalina  22                              11:02:00

Capri  14.2                               11:02:00

O’Day 222                                 11:03:48

San Juan  23                              11:06:36

Tanzer 22                                 11:06:48

O’Day 25                                 11:08:00

Montgomery  23                       11:09:12

Catalina  25                              11:10:24

Ranger  22                               11:10:24

Santana  20                              11:11:36

Capri  26                                  11:14:36

Buccaneer  18                          11:17:36

Santana  23                              11:21:12

J/24                                           11:21:12

Evelyn  26                                11:21:48

Merit  25                                  11:22:24

J/80                                          11:30:48

Wavelegth  30                          11:32:00

J/29                                          11:33:12

Viper 640                                 11:33:48

Corsair F27                              11:39:48

Reynolds  33                            12:11:58

NON- spin boats Course:

Marks to PORT

  1. Start at between the South Ramp lake exit buoy and the RC.
  2. Horse island
  3. Castle Creek buoy
  4. Balance Rock
  5. Horse Island
  6. Finish between East Shore and R/C boat near the North end of Humbug Cove

SPIN Boats Course:

  1. Start at between the South Ramp lake exit buoy and the RC.
  2. Coles Bay buoy
  3. Castle Creek buoy
  4. Balance Rock
  5. Horse Island
  6. Finish between East Shore and R/C boat near the North end of Humbug Cove
  • Date – Saturday, April 28th
  • Skippers Meeting – 9am Spinnaker Point – is where you will get YOUR sailing instructions.
  • Start – 11am
  • Finish – Humbug Cove between R/C boat and shore (aim is 3pm finish)
  • Dinner – Steak – Chicken – Salmon Patty served open face sandwich-style with salad, beans, and dessert and my special Party Punch!
  • Friendly competition between clubs to determine who gets to clean the bean pot.

Enter here.  Or see Mike Parker at the lake Saturday. The entry fee is $15.

Need more information? Contact Mike!

Michael Parker – 2012 AYC Cruising Captain

Tempe Town Lake Scores

Another great season of racing at Tempe Town Lake draws to a close. Click here for the scores for Spring 2012 and click here for the combined Fall & Spring series scores. Congratulations to Spring 2012 Skippers: Matt Davis, Alexia Lorch, Greg Dean & Joe Barnett. And congratulations to Fall/Spring Series Skippers: Matt Davis, Alexia Lorch, George Sheller & Clay Poulson.

Spring Scores from Lake Pleasant

Rain, hail, cold, big wind, to warm air drifter, Lake Pleasant served it all up in one weekend. The scores for the spring series, Fall 2011 & Spring 2012 combined & The Fireball Fiesta Del Sol Regatta are posted on the results page. Close racing with-in the Non Spin Fleet for the spring, decided on the 2nd tie breaker.

Congratulations to the Spring 2012 Series winners: Steve Campo, Dianna Andress, Norm Anderson, Mike Ferring & Trey Harlow.

Congratulations to the 2011/2012 Series champs: Martin Lorch, Greg Woodcock, Norm Anderson, Mike Ferring & Trey Harlow.

Spring 2012

Fireball Fiesta Del Sol


Lake Pleasant Results

Lake Pleasant served up another foolproof weekend of racing, Go to the Race Results page or click here for the scores.

Fireballs Are BACK!

The hottest little boat on the water are bringing their WESTERN REGIONAL event to Lake Pleasant the 14th and 15th of April!  For more information contact Clay Paulson at  or go to the Fireball NA Page.


April 2012 – Compass Points

CLICK HERE for the PDF Version

What a great March!  In like a Lion!  Out like a Lion!  March was full of heavy spring breezes in AZ and at the SD NOOD Regatta, and if great sailing wasn’t enough the month was topped off by a personal visit to AYC by Anna Tunnicliffe – Olympic Gold Medal Winner, #1 Ranked Women’s Match Racer and ISAF World Sailor of the Year (her second) for our Membership Meeting 3/13/2012.

Nominations are set for 2012-2013 Board of Directors and so next up must be Tall Cactus Regatta, the AYC Club Championship and our AYC Annual “Closing Ceremonies” – aka THE PARTY – coming in May.

It’s time to RACE our way to the finsh of 2011-2012 sailing year!

Check it all out in this month’s COMPASS POINTS!

  1. Commodore’s Corner – Heading for the Docks, and THE PARTY!
  2. AYC Bylaw Changes / Nominations Up for Vote
  3. This Year’s Commodore’s Celebration – dubbed “THE PARTY”
  4. Olympic Gold Medalist Anna Tunnicliffe Visits AYC
  5. Anna Tunnicliffe’s Roll Tack Tips
  6. 2012 Arizona High School Championship
  7. Tall Cactus Cruise to Humbug – April 28th!
  8. Fleet of the Month – PHRF Spinnaker Fleet
  9. For Sale! Want Ads!

Commodore’s Corner – April 2012

Spring Training may be over, but the 2011-2012 AYC season sure isn’t and as always we’re saving some of our best events for last!

Final races at LP and TTL are on tap of course and April means time to kick-back and cruise to Humbug with the gang for Tall Cactus Regatta.

In addition to Tall Cactus we’ll have a busy month for “paperwork” with Election ballot mailing – hopefully the last via snail mail – and two recommended AYC Bylaws changes to vote on. Please give your serious consideration to both these motions from the board:

  1. Expansion of “Junior” membership to sailors 25yrs and younger (currently up to 21) to allow more of our ASU students to join us on the water at “Junior” rates.
  2. Modification of votion procedures to allow members to “Opt” to vote electronically rather than requiring mailing of paper ballots.

Both of these changes look like good improvements and I hope you’ll “bounce around” these ideas with your crew and friends and share your feedback with us online with comments and on the AZYC Yahoo Group.

Have a great April!

April 2012 Calendar of Events

      • Sunday, April 1
        • 9:00am LP Race Day 8
        • 1:00pm Opti 1-2 Sailing Classes (TTL)
      • Tuesday, April 3
        • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
        • 6:30pm AYC Board Meeting
      • Saturday, April 7
        • 9:30am ASF Start Sailing Right Day 4
        • 1:00pm ASF Sailing Skills Development Day 4
      • Sunday, April 8
        • Easter Sunday
        • ASF Opti 1-2 Day 4 (TTL)
      • Tuesday, April 10
        • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
        • 7:00pm AYC General Membership Meeting
      • Saturday, April 14
        • 12:30pm LP Race Day 9
      • Sunday, April 15
        • 9:00am LP Race Day 10 – FINAL DAY!
        • 1:00pm ASF Opti 1-2 Day 5 (TTL)
      • Tuesday, April 17
        • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
      • Sunday,  April 22
        • 3:00pm TTL Race Day 8
      • Tuesday, March 27
        • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
      • Saturday, April 28
        • 9:00am Tall Cactus Regatta – Skipper’s Meeting
        • 11:00am Tall Cactus Regatta
      • SATURDAY, MAY 5
      • SATURDAY, MAY 12
        • 6:00pm THE PARTY!  Food!  Music!  Friends!  Fun!!!

Emory Heisler
AYC Commodore

AYC Board Nominations and Proposed Bylaws Changes

The AYC Board of Directors is proposing two changes to the club bylaws and voting on the changes will happen at the same time as the election of a new Board of Directors.

The two changes are these:

  1. To extend the age eligibility for Junior Membership from the current 21 to 25. The intent is to try to draw more Junior Members, including more college students. Junior Members may not vote in elections, but can carry membership cards and enter club races as members.
  2. To permit electronic voting in club elections. It’s now possible to conduct secure, online elections, reducing the difficulty and cost of conducting the annual club election, which the bylaws require be done by mail. As of this time, all but two or three club members have email addresses and online access. The change in the bylaws would allow these few members to continue to vote by mail, if they wish.

Here is a PDF of all the changes.

And here is the link to the current bylaws.

The Board unanimously recommends passage of the changes. Mailed ballots will go out after the first of April.

On those ballots we will also have the following candidates nominated by our Nominating committee! POSITION-NOMINEE-NOMINATED BY

  • Commodore – Mike Ferring – Sport boat (Ferring)
  • Vice Commodore – Decker Williams – Sport boat (Ferring)
  • Rear Commodore – Bob Whyte – Sport boat (Ferring)
  • Fleet Captain – Greg Woodcock – Spin (Andress)
  • Membership (2 year) – Thom Dickerson – Thistle (Dickerson)
  • Cruising – Mike Parker Buccaneer – (Davis)
  • Staff Commodore (2 year) – Emory Heisler – (bylaws)

And two more volunteers that are scheduled to be nominated and elected by the Board

  • Secretary – Peter Lehrach – Sport boat (Ferring)
  • Treasurer – Tony Chapman – Sport boat (Chapman)

Thank you one and all!

Anna Tunnicliffe Visit Captivates AYC

Anna Tunnicliffe helps ASF high school kids. Photos: Mike Ferring

Accomplished. Humble. Determined. Nice. All Anna Tunnicliffe.

We’re still dazzled that she took time from her Olympic training schedule to come to Arizona to talk with the club. That she even slipped into shorts and stepped onto one of our ASF Laser Radials to spend more than an hour teaching raw beginners a thing or two about roll tacking.

In just two months this world #1-ranked women’s match racer will know whether her team will compete in this summer’s Olympic Games and take a shot at winning her second Olympic gold medal. Tuesday night (3/13) she posed with dozens of us holding that first gold medal and talked about the race that won it—a race that began by turning around to restart after she thought she might have been OCS (on course side), one where she picked the wrong side of the course for the wind, where a shift suddenly vaulted her into medal position, where she sat still on her boat during the final leg to avoid being called for a Rule 41 (propulsion) violation and held her breath to the finish, where she flew into the water in celebration, but only felt the joy and weight of the accomplishment after she sat alone in her hotel room that night, crying after having achieved a dream that took so much effort and concentration.

Anna coaches roll-tacking.

Now she drills with coach Dave Dellenbaugh and teammates Molly Vandemoer and Debbie Capozzi on an Elliot 6 meter, a boat she describes as being hugely physical, getting fully-powered-up in 8-10 knots of breeze and then demanding a crew that will fight her to keep her moving. Anna is clearly up to the job physically. She’s rock hard and toned. And she matches it mentally: she’s focused and determined (one of her four “Ds” that keeps her driving).

After saying good night to the AYC audience Tuesday night, she headed off for a brief night of rest and a 4:30 airplane back to Florida and more time on the water. Thanks, Anna. It was a fabulous few hours.

Go here for quick donations to Anna’s Olympic campaign, or here for tax-deductible contributions, or here to keep track of her exploits.

The Bucc Bunch at the AYC meeting: Matt Davis, Cindy Pillote, Brenda Shears (with the gold medal), Anna (with the burgee), and Emory Heisler.

Roll Tack with Anna Tunnacliffe

Want to know how to roll-tack a Laser? Tony Eanes did. And when Anna Tunnacliffe visited the ASF high school program, Tony asked her to show the students how to do it.

In light air, Anna went through the steps below while the students watched and Mike Ferring snapped a sequence of pictures. Just do it this way!

To see a roll tack in video, try this. Anna’s roll tacks are faster and more powerful, but the mechanics are the same.

Step one: heel the boat to windward (All photos: Mike Ferring)

Step two: WAY to windward.

Step three: tack

Step four: when the boat is about to capsize, time to bring it back up

Step five: Plant it!

Step six: using all your strength and weight

Step seven: trim in sail and sail on (faster than when you entered the turn)

Arizona High School Sailing Championship

The Fourth Annual Arizona High School Sailing Championship is scheduled to be held on 21 April 2012 at Tempe Town Lake.

Last year Alexia Lorch won and her crew was Scott Soethe.  She is was junior at Xavier College Preparatory and Scott was a student at Brophy College Preparatory.  A perpetual trophy to display at the school of the skipper for half the time until next years race (the other half of the time to be displayed at the school of the crew) was presented after the races.  Individual trophies were presented for the winners to keep.

This year’s competition promises to be great.  For more information and to get your race documents visit this link:

Fleet of the Month – PHRF Spinnaker

Sail Very Fast

The PHRF Spin boats are among the fastest of the regatta, usually driven by larger crews over longer distances than the other classes. These folks are hard core—sailors who love nothing more than to win a close start or push the boat up on a plane.

The fleet is made up of a diverse collection of boats, made more or less equal through the PHRF handicap scheme and includes “big chute” boats from 20 to 30 feet and beyond!  Check out the current fleet:

Crunch Time

Crunch Time

  1. Santana 2023
  2. Ranger 22
  3. J/24
  4. Merit 25
  5. Evelyn 26
  6. J/29
  7. Hobie 33 (prepping for Transpac 2013!!!)

Interested in joining us for a race, a day, a weekend or the whole series?  Learn more by contacting Fleet Captain: Bruce Andress