September: The Secrets of My Best Boat Buy

At our next monthly meeting three of AYC’s most notorious boat shoppers will tip you on the secrets of their success.
It’s the Tuesday, September 11 Monthly Meeting, beginning at 7pm at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills Golf Course, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe. (map) Dinner at 6.

Boat buying whiz Bill Hutchinson

Mike “I’ll Drive Anywhere to Buy a Boat” Parker, Bill “I’ll Even Buy It Twice” Hutchinson, and Tom “I’ll Keep Buying and Selling It” Errickson will take turns tipping the crowd to their secret strategies for successful boat buying.
Their instructions: Offer the audience some tangible tips for buying a sailboat by dissecting one of your boat buys (or in Tom’s case, perhaps the boat buy of someone he knows). We’re looking for how to get the best price on the best boat.
Also, check out the “Pre-Meeting Meeting” on “How to Select the Right Boat.”
Mike Parker has towed boats home from all over the U.S.