Hike to the Laser Fleet Clinic, Saturday, September 22

Laser Glitter on Tempe Town Lake. Photo: Mike Ferring

By George Sheller
Join the Laser Clinic at TTL from 1-4pm, on Saturday, September 22.
This will be designed as advanced clinic so us longtime sailors can learn some new stuff also. Therefore, I encourage all the Laser fleet to attend.
The first half will be a talk-around at a boat set up on shore. The set-up will be discussed, including why we do what we do, how to move around the boat and why, and the controls for various wind settings (that should be interesting because I’ll bet there are some differences in opinion—and maybe some misconceptions). Then we’ll move onto the water with student/teacher interface to practice what we talk about on land.
The final focus is to get the new people ready for the racing the next day. Countdown sequence, flags, location of the starts, where the marks will be set and how to start without fear. Mark roundings and a few simple rules of the road. Yes Mike [Bernard], we will advise them to stay away form crash ’em George.
We want sailing to be fun for the new sailors and we want to make them good enough to enjoy sailing and to eventually kick all of our butts.

 Anyone have kids? Bring them down. The top sailors in the world all have time in Lasers.