Dick Rose Outlines Rules Changes

Dick Rose and the racing Bible: the Racing Rules of Sailing. Photos: Mike Ferring

In 2013, there are lots of changes to the rules we race by, says Dick Rose, but few that really change the game. The biggest change is to Rule 18, taking us back to the way we played the game a few years ago. By the new rule book, the inside overlapped boat will be able to sail to a mark and then make a “seaman-like” rounding.
Dick detailed the changes coming with the new rule book, the RRS 2013-2016, before three dozen AYC racers on Friday night (11/30). Many of the changes attempt to clear up wording or adapt the game to faster sailboats.
Dick Rose is the U.S. representative to the international rule-making body, the ISAF, so he’s one of the key people who writes the rules. He’s also the Chairman of the Racing Rules Working Party, the committee of ISAF that recommends rules changes. He described how difficult it is to shepherd new rules into being when you have to convince representatives from all over the world, each with a single vote.
Here is a file he left with us that details the changes in the rules and explains why changes were made. Hang on, it’s quite intricate.
So two boats approach a mark and one says to the other….