The Outrage Now Has a Wicked Name

Update: The board of directors in its wisdom has chosen Wicked Awesome as the winner of this contest from some 55 entries.
By Victor Felice
Boat NamingRemember the ’70 hit by America, A Horse With No Name? In the desert you can remember your name. That is, if you had one to begin with!
The Boston Whaler Outrage has been with us for a while now, working hard at dropping marks, assisting the occasional misfortune, and acting as full-size wind indicator (if you can smell her, the wind is coming from there!). BUT… she was never given a name. Privately, and occasionally publicly too, she has been called many things but the old girl needs her own true identity.
By the time we start racing again this fall, she will have her name and YOU get to submit what you think is should be. There are no rules and no limits. Ultimately the Board will choose one winner and you will become instantly famous (for maybe 14 minutes) and win a SLAM AYC bag.
Submit your suggestion(s) by email now to: You can include as many names as you wish except Boaty McBoatface.