Sunday's Gentle TTL Action

Tim Mitchell aboard his gorgeous new Sunfish. Photo: Mike Ferring

The lake looked like glass at the 2pm start time. A flicker of breeze wafted from the west at 2:15. PRO George Tingom, screamed “Start ’em!” Okay, he probably didn’t, but the day needed some action.
Most of the Tempe Town Lake race group this Sunday (2/16) figured it might be another day of drifting, like the last day we were here. Or super light like the time before. Instead there was enough breeze to justify a few races and moving the windward mark out a distance to give the Lasers a bit more runway.
By a little after 4 o’clock the breeze had shut down entirely and the few boats still racing ghosted across the finish. Day over.
Here are the scores.

Barry McCartin power tacking. Photo: Mike Ferring
Clay Poulson in focus mode. Photo: Mike Ferring
Charging the upwind mark. Photo: Mike Ferring