The Cactus Club

By Deb Heisler

Once again, AYC is in the news. Sailing Magazine interviewed Bob Naylor, our rear commodore for their July featured article, “The Cactus Club.” The impressive feature and additional photos were taken by our Birthday Regatta guest speaker and pro photographer Onne van der Wal.

Most of us have had a similar experience to the one Bob shared with the writer, Greta Schanen. I know we’ve heard, “Arizona Yacht Club! Is that a joke?” in reference to the AYC bumper sticker we proudly display on our vehicles.

Whether it’s through a membership card, a club embroidered shirt or a bumper sticker, it’s always fun when strangers engage us in conversation about our club and we can talk about the great sailing opportunities happening here in the middle of the desert.

For most of us, we recognize how unique AYC is, but when a major sailing publication takes note and shares us with the rest of the world it’s like getting that little extra wind just when you need it. Puff on AYC!