RailMeets: Calling all Sailors

Introducing RailMeets, a new boat/crew platform. This site is for anyone looking for crew or crew looking for a boat. Please connect with us on Zoom this coming Thursday when co-founders John Madey and Marco Heuer will join us for a tour around the site and be available to answer questions. The walkthrough will take about 30 minutes and then there will be time for Q & A . 

RailMeets Walkthrough on Zoom
Thursday, September 24th @ 6:30 pm

Join the meeting with this Zoom link
Note: This event and  link is also on the AYC Calendar

The platform is primarily used for racing events but can be used for non-racers too. Below are the results of a quick Q & A  with co-founder Marco Heuer.

Q – Can RailMeets be used for Captains not racing and just needing crew for a day or however long?
A – Yes, of course. We have had events created for boat work, afternoon cruises or social events. Anything where you’d be looking for a headcount and the ability to message the attendees. Now, for non-racing events it can be a bit un-intuitive at the moment, as some fields are required – like fleet and leaving dock time. But one can just enter a dummy value. We are looking to make non-race events smoother to schedule in the near future.
Q – How about for crew that are interested in just getting on a boat for experience and not interested in racing?
A – Absolutely! Getting new folks interested in the sport is one of the key drivers behind our platform. This is designed for sailors. Old, young, new and experienced alike.
Q – I get the idea that this was designed for racers but it does appear that I, as a boat owner, could add a personal, non-racing event not associated with my club.
A – Yup, we do this all the time!


Skip Kempff with a few of the many crew he has invited aboard.
Photo: Mike Ferring