2021 Birthday Regatta & Leukemia Cup

By Rob Gibbs, Regatta Chair

13 February 2021

Finally we’re announcing the 2021 Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup! This year, because of COVID Restrictions, this will be a one day event, but it will be a BIG one day event with racing all day and a fun Cruiser Challenge as well that I promise is NOT a race!

  • Register! We’re donating ALL PROCEEDS from the regatta to the Arizona Leukemia Lymphoma Society.
  • Donate! You can donate additional money directly on your registration form that will 100% go to AZ LLS.
  • Buy a Shirt! We’ve partnered with STATE FORTY EIGHT (not the brewery) to design a special shirt just to raise awareness and money for the Arizona Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. All proceeds -$10.00 per shirt-  will go to AZ LLS. ORDER YOUR SHIRT NOW!
  • Fundraise! As always you can set up a fundraising page directly with the AZ Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

First Gun is 9AM and no races will start after 4:30PM. The Cruiser Challenge must be completed between those times as well. The NOR and instructions for the Cruiser Challenge are published on the Birthday Regatta Page.
I know this isn’t the Birthday Regatta we all wanted (thanks COVID), but help us turn A- into A+ (a negative into a positive) by helping us raise money to fight Blood Cancers! Here are the things you can do to RAISE MORE THAN A SAIL and help the Arizona Leukemia Lymphoma Society fight the number one cancer in children.

Cover Photo: 2020 Birthday Regatta -Scott Jenkins