Preparing for the next Board of Director Election

It’s that time of year when the AYC Board members are busy concluding their goals and objectives for the past 12 months. And this means that you, the voting members will be charged with selecting a new Board. See AYC Bylaws Article 9.0 and 12.1.2 for all the details. In summary, the election works like this:

Establish a Nominating Committee (NC) from voting members. Here’s the lineup:

  • One voting member from each active racing fleet.
  • One voting member selected by the Cruising Captain and predominately a cruiser.
  • Two voting members-at-large selected by the Commodore from the non-racing members.

More on the Nominating Committee:

  • The NC is notified of their committee meeting date by March 1st. The date is selected by the Commodore and held between March 7 and 21.
  • The Committee is under no obligation to nominate any incumbent Officer or Member of the BOD.
  • They must secure each nominee’s approval prior to their nomination.
  • They can nominate more than one member for each position open.
  • All nominations from the Committee or Membership become final on March 31.
  • Chaired by the current Commodore who has no voting privileges on the committee.
  • No other Officers or Board Members may be on the Nominating Committee.
  • The current Commodore is automatically nominated for the position of Junior Staff Commodore.

Member Nominations – Must be submitted to the Commodore.
According to Article 9.1.3, any two (2) voting Members of the Club may nominate a candidate by presenting the nomination in writing to the Commodore by March 31. A nominee must be willing to accept the nomination. These nominees will also appear on the ballot together with the nominees chosen by the Nominating Committee.

Notice of Election – This notice is published between April 1-15 and includes a list of the nominees for all offices and the names of the Board of Directors and those of the Nominating Committee. It will also include the details on the electronic ballots being sent to your email address. This notice gets published on the AYC website. Make sure you are subscribed with your email address.

Ballots – Members of Record as of April 1 will receive an electronic ballot. Electronic ballots are due, counted, and certified between May 1 and May 15.

Certification – The Commodore appoints a committee of three voting Members not on the ballot to certify the results of the election. The new board takes place immediately upon the committee’s certification.