AYC Bylaws Amendments

Several amendments to the AYC Bylaws were received, considered, and approved by the board of directors this month. The changes clarify, simplify and update the document that governs our club.

The election ballot will include the following changes:

  1. Identify the type of nonprofit “501(c)(7)” in the Title of the Bylaws.
  2. Eliminate gender-specific language by removing the predominant use of the male pronouns he, him, men, etc. to non-gender nouns – position title, chairperson, etc. The proposed language is inclusive, no matter a person’s gender. Remove Article 14.1 if inclusive language is approved.
  3. Accept edits for corrected spelling, deletions, additions, and errors in Article numbering by adding auto numbering. Reformat for ease of reading.
  4. Article 1.0 Authority
    Remove reference to a “valid quorum of the membership” since the definition of a “valid quorum” is no longer included in the bylaws. The description of a “valid quorum” was removed in the 2012 revision and referenced mailed ballots. Update the language to align with all other Articles that describe a quorum as being a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those voting. (See Article 7.3, 9.1.4, 13.1.2)
  5. Membership Naming
    Article 6.3.3 – Change “HONORARY LIFE” to “DISTINGUISHED LIFE”. Change “Honorary Life Membership to “Distinguished Life Membership” in the body of the text.
    Change to avoid confusion with  the class of membership named “HONORARY” that is given to non-members who have exhibited exemplary conduct, interest and/or benefit to the Club.
    By changing Honorary Life to Distinguished Life, any confusion between the two “Honorary” memberships is eliminated.
  6. Article 9.1.1 – Add the option for an alternative method of voting if determined necessary by the Board of Directors.
  7. Article 13.1 – Add, “The Secretary shall record and pass proposed amendments to the Board of Directors.”
    Article 13.1.1 – Add, “…shall consider all proposed amendments from members and…”
    This amendment is made in order to clarify the process for member-requested amendments.

Click here to view the markup PDF with these changes.

True story
Skip Kempff and I spent some time getting a pulse for how the current Honorary Life Members might receive their membership class being renamed to “Distinguished Life” member.
During a return call from George Tingom, and after I explained the change to him, he said, “I’m ok with the change but do I have to give my sweatshirt back?” We laughed, and I said, No George, the sweatshirt is yours!” To which he quickly replied, “Oh good, so does this mean I get a new one? More laughter.

Shortly later, an email reply came in from Al Lehman, stating that he was at a block party and might not have complete thoughts at the moment, (go Al) but clear enough to be ok with the change…quickly followed by the question, “Do we get new shirts with our new designation?”
It’s no wonder these members are so distinguished!