Maryellen Ferring: Outstanding Recipient of New Club Award

Earlier this year, a group of member volunteers took on the task of reviewing our club awards—that review resulted in the creation of the AYC Volunteer Service Award. Our first Volunteer Service Award recipient is…. Maryellen Ferring!

Maryellen is the type of volunteer we dream of cloning. Most of us have witnessed her in action. At times she’s been upfront and visible. At other times she was more behind the scenes, but we all knew she was there – contributing her time and talent and adding her special touch.

Maryellen assisted Mike with the Birthday Regatta (twice), managing the “land” part of the Regatta and fundraising. Both times, they made money with the Regatta and our club contributed over $70,000 (2008) and $30,000 (2014) to LLS. She secured the fundraising items, auctioned those items, handled sales, selected the caterer and menu, secured items for and put together the captain’s bags, and coordinated the three days of activities for each Regatta. Whew!

Many top-name speakers have spoken at our meetings and events – thanks to Maryellen – including Anna Tunnicliffe (Olympic Gold Medalist and Rolex Yachtswoman of the year), Jeff Johnstone (President J/Boats), Andrew Campbell (world champion and America’s Cup Sailor), Peter Luigi Reggio (International Race Officer), Bill Gladstone (North U), Peter Isler (America’s Cup Racer, worldwide navigator), Gary Jobson, Extreme Sailing Representative, and many more.

The following list captures many things Maryellen initiated, created, improved, and contributed to as a member volunteer:

  • Created the first annual Ruth Beal’s Cup along with Marilyn Moyer-Ward and Wendy Larsen and later expanded it to include a social after the race that she planned and executed.
  • Served as the ASF President in 2006-2008 (2 terms).
  • Taught Learn to Sail for 15 years and coached the program.
  • Developed, along with Mike, the ASF Learn to Race class.
  • Co-instructs the ASF Learn to Race class.
  • Put on the Commodore Celebration (4 times). Think location, menu, decorations, etc.
  • Put together and served snacks for the Club Championship Race (5 times).
  • Hosted the barbeque at TTL for a sailing introduction day she and Mike created.
  • Assisted with opening day activities (2 times).
  • Serves on race committee at LP and TTL.
  • Organized a dinner for the AYC Board when Mike was Commodore.
  • Secured thank-you gifts for past AYC Boards and planned their celebration party.

Thank you, Maryellen Ferring, for being such a powerful example of how volunteerism and passion make our club so special. Congratulations!

Visit the new AYC Volunteer Service Award page to read more about this award.