July Commodore’s Comments

The heat is on and many of our members are taking to the road, the high country cabin, the boat on the coast, and family visits, etc. Whatever your travel plans may be for the summer we wish you safe travels and great memories.

The travel and tourism industry has predicted a higher than normal volume of travel this year since so many plans were put on hold in 2020. I know our exodus from the heat began earlier than normal this year and will continue off and on through September.

Summer Happenings

Here is a run down of club happenings over the next few months:
Club Membership Renewals are in full swing and you’ve received a few notices. We’d love to have everyone get their renewals in ASAP so our membership team can get busy with their task of printing membership cards and publishing the yearly membership roster. I always look forward to seeing what color it will be! Let’s all help them out by renewing sooner rather than later!
Note: 21 new members have joined since January.

The July Monthly Meeting is Canceled: The board has agreed to cancel the July meeting due to the typical low summer attendance and a turnout of 14 members at the June meeting. For those of you in attendance – thank you! Our guest Rachel Z. Miller is a dedicated sailor and scientist who presented us with a thoughtful topic and plenty of inspiration on doing our part for ocean health.

Our August meeting will be held on Zoom and the September meeting will be our first in-person meeting since the pandemic. I know so many of us are looking forward to gathering again.

The Summer Campout is a go for August 6-8 at Dairy Springs Campground! Organizer Joanne Aspinall notified us that the forest is open – it had been closed due to fire danger. We have 20 people attending so far. Contact Joanne if you are interested.

A September Opening Day Celebration is being planned for September 18th at Lake Pleasant. Volunteer opportunities will be presented in a separate email.

Stay safe, stay cool and enjoy your summer!

Deb Heisler