Enthusiasm Beats out High Temps for TTL Boat Cleanup

Despite the predicted high temps for yesterday, almost 30 AYC members and ASU Sailing Club students arrived early morning at Tempe Town Lake to help get the ASF boats cleaned and ready for upcoming ASF classes and our Adopt a Boat program. Thanks to organizer, Cindy Pillote, there were plenty of cool drinks and a delectable assortment of Danish pastries and other snacks to keep us all going.

I witnessed a fine example of self-organizing teams as sailors inflated tires and pulled Lasers off to one side of the yard for assessing, washing, and repairing. Jon Krahulik, Marco Rosero, ASU sailors, Michael Maloney and Kim Stuart, and others all helped over in Laser land.

Some of our old salts – Dave Newland, Joe Motil, Martin Lorch, Paul Miachika, and Emory Heisler were part of the “all hands on deck” morning and added their expertise by helping identify and oversee a few needed boat repairs.

Matt Trobaugh, Kevin Scroggins, the ASU gang, Cindy, and Andrew Newingham & Robin Stewart pushed, pulled, and towed the C14.2’s over to the second hose station for their bi-annual bath. With heads down, it was a challenge at times, to see who was behind all of the spraying and scrubbing of boats and covers.

ASU Sailing Club sailors showed up to help – and what a help they were!
Joe Motil and others decommissioning an old Laser.

The Zornik family hit the storage trailer and made parts and supplies handily available for others. And it’s all put back and nicely organized.

Even the boat lot received a makeover. Ron Simzyk along with Igor and Elle Wojewoda devised a way to remove several inches of debris from under the boats -an exfoliation of sorts, complete with a power wash.

It was especially rewarding to see so many new members involved and pitching in, and I apologize if I missed recognizing anyone in this posting. The turnout was a prime example of AYC’ers coming together to support each other and our club. It was mighty impressive – kudos to all!

Photos from the day – click to enlarge.

The AYC boat storage area after the clean up. Well done everyone!