TTL Opening Day Summary and Racing This Sunday

AYC’s first race of the Tempe Town Lake Fall Series was held September 12, and it was a scorcher.  Overall turn-out was really light, with just 4-Lasers, 1-Buccaneer (Alex Kaye’s Puffin), and 1-C-14.2 (Andrew Newingham & Robin Stewart), as afternoon temperatures pushed 112F with light winds of just 2 to 4-knots.  Winds later improved to about 7-knots, enabling the Laser Fleet to complete 4-races.  Scores are posted here:  Scores

Congratulations to Andrew Newingham and his partner Robin Stewart for racking-up an impressive win in their Capri 14.2 Adopt-a-Boat … it was only Robin’s second time ever in a sailboat. Andrew attributed his win to “skill and the total absence of any competition.”  Line honors for the Portsmouth Fleet went to Alex Kaye, also with no challengers. Laser action saw Paul Miachika rack-up 3-bullets, with Gordon Briner taking one first place finish.

Thanks to these heat tolerant Sunfish Fleet volunteers for staffing the Race Committee for the day: Lori Reger, Jennifer Lee, Noah Rose, Jeff Bryant, Sam Puentes, Scott & Tiffany PK, and Bob Naylor. Special thanks to Scott PK (Sunfish Fleet) for the drone photos.

After stowing boats, the Race Committee and a few sailors retired to Fate’s Brewing for pizza (courtesy of AYC) and re-hydration beverages.  Sam Puentes (Sunfish Fleet) and Alex Kaye (Portsmouth Fleet) won the raffles for $25 Coral Reef Sailing gift certificates.    

TTL Racing resumes this coming Sunday, and the Windfinder forecast presently looks MUCH better, with temperatures in the mid-80s and maximum winds of about 8 to 12-knots.  Sounds like a great day for sailing!  Come on out!