Alexia Lorch Claims Ruth Beals Cup

By Emory Heisler, Principal Race Officer
Photo credits (photos below): Deb Heisler, Joel Hurley, and Jessica Zornick

Alexia Lorch Repeats as Ruth Beals Cup Champ

Eyes on the prize

Alexia Lorch on the Santana 20 “Watercolors” broke out of the light air start line chaos to find clear air.  From there she and her crew – dad Martin and brother Cedric – sailed on to win both line honors and a PHRF corrected time victory.  Alexia will keep the Ruth Beals Cup in her possession for yet another year.  REPEAT!  Congratulation Alexia!

Katelyn Schroll did her best to take the cup away aboard her Thistle “Aquarius”, even though she started over early (OCS – On Course Side) and WAY BEHIND the initial leaders.  Nearly two hours later she sailed her way up through the fleet to finish in 2nd Place … only 15 seconds behind Alexia! Might Katelyn have won with another mile or two of race course?  We’ll have to wait for next year and hope for better winds to know the answer to that question.  Congratulations either way Katelyn!

For all of our competitors the day was one of those light air challenge days. They endured a 2+ hour delay before starting in a 3kt E breeze with a hand full of bumper-boats and some 720 penalty circles at the start line.  Winds eventually built – EVENTUALLY – to a variable E 3-6kts which provided an hour or so of “excruciating fun” and “drifting with purpose”. To add to the challenge, after grinding their way north to Horse Island some competitors had their progress mercilessly negated by the 2-3 ft. wakes left by power boats.  Ouch.

Thankfully the breeze stabilized for the lady skippers as they rounded Horse Island and headed south.  All the boats were up on their feet and running at the finish line where cheers erupted aboard each vessel as they took their finish horn.  The hurrahs were doubly loud for 3rd Place finisher Lori Lorenz aboard J/92 “Dreamline” as she was followed across the line by a pontoon boat carrying the Newland family “spectator fleet”.

Congratulations Alexia, Katelyn and Lori for your podium finishes, and to all our women skippers and their crews for continuing the Ruth Beals Cup tradition.  Also thanks to our Race Committee: PRO Emory Heisler, mark set boat Joel Hurley, and able assistants Ted and Janet Merritt and Jessica Zornick.

P.S. Ladies, want to join in the fun??  Contact Commodore Debbra Heisler to be part of the planning team for NEXT YEAR’S Ruth Beals Cup.

2021 Ruth Beals Cup: Race Results