School of Fish

by David Newland, Laser Fleet & Race Officer for the Jan-30 races

Sunday, January 30th Race Day at TTL brought some breeze and a whole lot of color!  It’s obvious the work being put into the Sunfish fleet is paying off in spades.  I had to start using my toes to count the entrants!  Their presence on the lake, both in number and sail color, brought the spectators out.  The sunny 72 degree day probably helped some, too.  With Lasers on Race Committee, we should have designated a person to do PR work with all the interest we were fielding throughout the event.   

With the exception of Sunfish Race # 1 that had a massive no-wind park job at the start, the breeze showed up at TTL.  Portsmouth filled their spins and Clay Poulson did so solo on his Fireball.  In fact, he was having such a good downwind leg in Race 2 that he blew right through the start/finish ball.  It was probably the safer bet than managing a jibe to get to the outside of the line in that breeze. 

Three (3) 14.2’s showed up to enjoy the day as well, with a 4th Adopt A Boat looping the lake with a new sailor being trained by Dan Schott.  As you may know, any Adopt A Boat can be secured and used on Race Day, but you aren’t required to race.    

Congratulations to Avery Danner and Charlie Carter for getting their Optis on the race line in the Junior Class!  Race Committee had to go to non-verbal communication with Avery to secure her check in.  All she could muster was a look, smile and blink.  We accepted it as it was just so darn cute.   

It was another great sailing day where skippers wanted be on the water until the very end!

Photos by David Newland and Renata Hejduk